Sulfur Ridge Treehouse and Shasta Camp in Tennessee

Sulfur Ridge Treehouse is here.

Sulfur Ridge Shasta Camp is here.

Sulfur Ridge Treehouse and Shasta Camp is a charming place to stay near Cookeville, Tennessee. You can choose to stay in the luxurious and romantic treehouse made for two or the retro and adorably kitschy Shasta camper trailers.

We found so many things to adore about our stay at Sulfur Ridge! The hosts, Susan and Trent, are wonderful people who are friendly and welcoming and quick to respond to any questions you might have.

They also have great stories about the way they built and decorated the treehouse and how they found the campers and set up Shasta Camp.

At Sulfur Ridge treehouse and Shasta Campers you will also find interesting things to see around every corner. From murals painted on the various buildings to thoughtfully curated decor to interesting artwork tucked away in the woods. It is a visual feast without ever being overwhelming.

You have two choices of places to stay at Sulfur Ridge. There is the Sulfur Ridge Treehouse or the Shasta campers. Although they are on the same property the sections are private and not visible from one another. They are also world’s apart in style and feel.

door entrance to the treehouse

Sulfur Ridge Treehouse

Needing a private getaway for you and your love interest? The treehouse is the place for you. This is one of the most romantic places that I have ever seen.

Walk through the yellow gates into a peaceful paradise. The house is accessed by a ramp. You will then open a gorgeous antique door with an old fashioned key and step into a fairy-tale room.

The first thing you will notice is the huge and comfortable bed in shades of peachy pink covered in pillows and throws. There are gorgeous cozy chairs made with a variety of quilts. These are turned to face an incredible wall of windows that look into the tree tops outside.

The clawfoot tub in the bathroom begs you to run the water and climb in and bask in the warm water while watching the light stream through the stained glass window. Of course there are cozy robes and slippers!

bathroom with clawfoot tub at the sulfur ridge treehouse

Coffee and water and juice are provided. Everywhere you turn there is something interesting and beautiful to see. You can even check out the Emmy that Trent received for his video work. Ask him to tell you about it!

One of our favorite things was the juke box. You are provided a bowl of quarters and can listen to as many songs as you want. The song choices in the jukebox are superb. I promise you will want to dance the night away!

Literally everything about the Sulfur Ridge Treehouse was perfect and inviting!

You aren’t going to want to leave the room but force yourself to go outside. Underneath the treehouse is a hanging bed. There is a stone patio on the back with lots of seating and a view into the woods and best of all, that is where you will find the hot tub!

Although there isn’t a kitchen in the treehouse if you walk out the back door you will be led to another raised deck with a table and chairs and a grill.

Sulfur Ridge Treehouse will draw you in and make you want to stay forever. It is truly an exceptional choice for a honeymoon or anniversary stay or just for anytime that you wind to fully unwind and reconnect.

front exterior of the treehouse

Sulfur Ridge Shasta Camp

The campers have a completely different feel than the treehouse!

These are reproductions of some of the original Shasta campers. They are nearly exact replicas complete with the legendary Shasta wings!

Couple outside of a vintage camper

Shasta started in 1941 and to commemorate their 75th anniversary they produced 1,941 trailers in all three original colors; Matador Red, Sea-foam Green, and Butternut Yellow. That’s what you will be staying in if you choose the Sulfur Ridge Shasta campers!

Fortunately when they did the reproduction the Shasta company updated the campers with modern amenities like air-conditioning, plenty of outlets, and new appliances.

However, they still have a completely vintage feeling and the owner has decorated them adorably! These are the cutest things, y’all.

There are three campers on the property and they are named: Peppermint Patty, Mello Yellow, and Hot Tamale. Of course in each camper you will find the candies and sodas that correspond to the name. Mellow Yellow is slightly bigger than the other two.

The table area turns into a double bed. An egg crate style mattress topper as well as all bedding is provided and the result is a surprisingly comfortable bed. We slept very well while we were there!

The kitchens in each camper are completely functional with a microwave and refrigerator and cook top but they each have their own outside grill which is what we choose to use for cooking.

Because the campers are hooked to a septic tank you can use the water inside the camper without worrying about filling up the tanks.

Although there are bathrooms in the campers they have been turned into closets and a very nice bath house has been built. I assure you the spacious bath house is a better option than the tiny camper bathroom! The toilet area is completely private and the shower has unlimited hot water and amazing water pressure.

As far as fun and games you will find a full sized scrabble board, corn hole, and other outside games. Best of all are the two stock tank swimming pools.

We spent most of our day lazily floating in the cool and clean water. Be sure and check out the vintage lounge chairs near the stock tank pools!

There is also a fire pit and a picnic table.

Because they campers are all on the same property they are not individually rented to different groups. They all have to be rented together. Imagine it as renting a house having three bedrooms.

This would be a wonderful place to stay for family members or a friend group!

We had so much fun staying at both areas of Sulfur Ridge and found it to be incredibly relaxing!

More Things to Know About Sulfur Ridge Treehouse and Campers

  • Children are not allowed
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • Check in dates for the treehouse are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and there are minimum stays of two night when checking in on Monday and Wednesday and three nights when checking in on Friday.
  • At the campers only 6 adults over age 21 are allowed at one time.
  • The treehouse has complete privacy. You cannot see or hear the camper site from the treehouse.
  • Check the website or take a look on Airbnb for more details!

Enjoy your visit to either the Sulfur Ridge Treehouse or the Sulfur Ridge Shasta Campers!

Thanks for stopping by!