Hey Y’all!

We are Karen and Emily from Little Rock, Arkansas. In addition to being mother and daughter we are great friends.

Karen is married to Kevin and has two more children, Christopher and Ellen, as well as three amazing grandchildren. Besides traveling she enjoys photography, writing, and reading.

Emily is a flight attendant with United Airlines and is married to Daniel. She also adores playing tennis as well as reading and fashion. You might also want to check out Emily’s Instagram at Wear I Wandered.

Here are some things that we both love:

  • Road trips
  • Hiking
  • Hole in the wall restaurants
  • SEC sports (especially the Razorbacks even though they break my heart on a yearly basis)
  • Food, especially the “not so good” for you kind
  • Southern accents
  • The beach
  • Small southern towns where everyone speaks to you
  • Hot and humid summer days
  • Running out to buy milk and bread before a snow storm then having everything close down for days
  • Big cities that are green and lush
  • Magnolia blossoms
  • Sweet tea mixed with lemonade…

…Basically we love almost all things southern!

Except for tornadoes. We don’t love those.

Emily and Karen have always enjoyed exploring and being on the go so we decided to start Somewhere Down South in order to share more about our state of Arkansas as well as the other southern states with you! I hope that you enjoy learning about all the wonderful, fun, quaint and quirky places that we visit!

Emily and Karen also blog at Wear I Wandered. Over there we both talk about our travels in the rest of United States as well as the world. At Wear I Wandered Emily also dishes about fashion and life as a flight attendant!

We look forward to getting to know you!

Somewhere Down South is on social media!

See you soon,

Karen and Emily