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We are Karen and Emily, a mother and daughter from Arkansas. We love the people, food, and places of the south and look forward to sharing them with you here! From the well-known to the obscure come with us as we explore the southern states.

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Hey y’all! We are Karen and Emily!

We are a mother and daughter from Arkansas. We love to explore, eat at hole in the wall restaurants, meet interesting people, visit small towns, and get out in nature. We started Somewhere Down South in order to have a place to share the food, people, places, and stories of the southern US.

Our goal is for you to come along with us as we strive to experience and understand one of the most unusual, complicated, quirky, misinterpreted, difficult, underrated, and beautiful areas of the United States.

This is a close up of a rectangular white plate. You can see a red dishtowel in the distance. On the plate is some bright green arugula topped with shrimp in remoulade sauce. This is a recipe for shrimp remoulade.

New Orleans Style Shrimp Remoulade Salad

Shrimp Remoulade is a well known New Orleans dish that is said to have been created at the venerable Arnaud’s restaurant back in 1918. It is basically just boiled shrimp paired with Louisiana remoulade sauce but…y’all, this is an unusually delicious combination. Sometimes the simplest foods are the best! These days shrimp remoulade is often…

a small white ceramic bowl filled with Louisiana remoulade sauce. There is a blue dishtowel and some green parsley in the background and some lemons in the foreground.

Louisiana Remoulade Sauce Recipe

One of the best of the cajun/creole style sauces is Louisiana remoulade sauce. It is a tangy, slightly spicy sauce that lights up a variety of foods! Where Did This Style of Remoulade Sauce Originate? Like many things in Louisiana, remoulade originated in France. The name supposedly came from a word in a French dialect,…

There are spices and herbs in a clear glass bowl on a white background. THe spices are all in the bowl but aren't mixed up yet. The colors are vibrant reds, browns, golds, and greens. These are spices for a salt free cajun seasoning blend.

Salt Free Cajun Seasoning Recipe

Our household loves cajun food! This salt free cajun seasoning recipe is one we use regularly to flavor all kinds of food. Of course, many of the savory, flavorful, and spicy cajun food recipes call for cajun or creole seasoning. Although there are some delicious brands available in your grocery store like Slap Ya Mama…

Photo of air fryer fried green tomatoes on a white plate on a white countertop. There is a remoulade sauce shown too. The background is blue and white tile.

Air Fryer Fried Green Tomatoes

These air fryer fried green tomatoes are yummy! They are crispy and tangy and taste just as good as those fried in oil. We have been trying all different ways of cooking fried green tomatoes in the air-fryer and have come up with a recipe that we really love! Delicious Air Fryer Fried Green Tomatoes…