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We are Karen Keathley and Emily Manasco from Little Rock, Arkansas. We are southern woman who love sharing the people, places and food of the south.

Our strengths are writing, photography, video, and attention to detail.

We would love to discuss the ways we could partner with you to create exciting and informative content for your brand! We are always chock full of ideas and content creation is our strength.

In addition when you work with us you get the advantage of getting points of view from two generations!

We also blog at Wear I Wandered. This is where we talk about travel in the rest of the United States as well as the world. At Wear I Wandered we also blog about fashion, books, and life! Check that out if you think it might be a better fit for your brand.

Wear I Wandered also has a following of more than 230,000 on TikTok. If you are interested in a video for your brand take a look at our TikTok.

We would love to talk to you about the possibility of :

  • Sponsored posts
  • Guest post writing
  • Event appearances
  • Social media campaigns
  • Sponsored destination visits
  • Photo projects
  • Short videos
  • and more

Even better would be hearing from you about ideas that you might have!

Thanks so much! You can contact us by email at:

Here is where you can learn more about us.

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Talk to you soon!