Lands Creek Log Cabins in Bryson City NC

Lands Creek Log Cabins in Bryson City NC

We choose Lands Creek Log Cabins in Bryson City, NC for our stay with our granddaughter and it was an absolute success! We loved Bryson City and found Lands Creek Cabins to be the perfect place to stay for sightseeing in the area.

(This is not an ad or a promoted post. We stayed here, paid for it ourselves, really liked Lands Creek Log Cabins in NC, and I wanted to share it with you!)

little log cabin in the woods in North Carolina. Lands Creek Log Cabins in Bryson City NC is a great place to stay.

I had a list of what I hoped to find when searching for a place to stay in North Carolina and Lands Creek Log Cabins in Bryson City ended up checking all the boxes.

  • Cabin close to the city but surrounded by nature? Check.
  • A cozy place comfortable for three? Check.
  • With a kitchen so that we could make breakfast and keep snacks for an always hungry seven year old? Check.
  • Our grand daughter specifically requested a hot tub. Check!
  • When our children were young we stayed in a cabin on a creek which was a huge hit with them. This memory propelled me to look for a cabin on a creek for and…CHECK!

This place had everything that we wanted!

You can stay, as we did, on the pretty creek that flows through their 100 acres, but they also have cabins in the woods as well as cabins on the ridge-top. in fact there are 19 cabins to choose from in a variety of sized and locations. Some are on the ridge with gorgeous views, some, like the one we choose, was near the bubbling creek, and some are in the quiet woods.

All of the cabins have free WiFi which we used and it worked very well for us. This is a year round retreat only about 3 miles from Bryson City with paved roads and drives to make it easy for you to access your cabin and park in all kinds of weather.

The cabins are all super clean and cozy.

We stayed in the Rabbit Holler cabin on the creek which I believe is the smallest of the cabins. It was small, but just right for the three of us. There was a bedroom for Kevin and I and a sleeping loft for Alice. Actually several of the cabins have sleeping lofts with ladders for access. This was fine for a 7 year old, but you might want to think about whether or not that would work if you are traveling with younger children.

All the cabins have central heat and air, a charcoal grill and a campfire ring. Some have hot tubs. There was also a kitchen and living area. The porch was spacious and held the hot tub, a couple of rocking chairs and a picnic table.

So, let’s talk about that hot tub. Here’s the thing, I didn’t think I was a hot tub person. But our grand daughter loved it. She said it was her second favorite thing about the trip and, you know, it’s hard not to like something that brings your grandchild so much joy.

As for me? I found myself relaxing in bubbly warm water, chatting and making up silly games with my husband and grand daughter, huge rhododendrons were silhouetted against the darkening evening sky above us, the creek was murmuring below our deck…and, yeah, you could say that I’m a hot tub convert.

They say that this is a little bit of heaven in the Mountains and I would agree!

Check out the Lands Creek Cabins website where you can take a look at all of their cabins to decide which would be the best for you and your family.

We loved our stay there.

Thanks so much for stopping by!