Southern Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following!

Instagram has aggravated its users from time to time. Remember when they first took away the chronological feed? I think some people are still mad about that. Even so, most of us keep coming back to the app to browse through the pretty and inspiring photos. I know we do! We wanted to take the time to share some of our favorite southern Instagram accounts you need to be following.

Photo of a hand holding a pink phone. Southern Instagram accounts you need to be following.

Southern Instagram Accounts you Need to be Following!

Karen and Emily @Somewhere_downsouth

Yes, that’s us! We are just getting started on Instagram and would love for you to follow us! We share photos of our home state of Arkansas as well as all the things we are seeing, reading, cooking, and eating throughout the south.

Jenné Claiborne @sweetpotatosoul

Jenné Claiborne is a vegan chef from Atlanta, Georgia currently living in California. I am not vegan, but we are trying to eat more healthily and I love her Instagram. She has a gorgeous smile, a fun personality and her food is beautiful!

Whitney Winkler @whitneywinkler_art

My youngest daughter introduced me to the art of Memphis based Whitney Winkler by purchasing a print by Winkler at a local gift store and bringing it home. I immediately fell in love with it. The colors are amazing and everything about her work is soothing but thought provoking.

Mimi Striplin @thetinytassel

How cute is the jewelry that Mimi Striplin makes! Her instagram is bright, cheerful, colorful, and just so fun. She is from Charleston and her feed has such a Charlestonian flare. The only problem I have with following her is that I want all the things!

Jared Small @Jared_small_

Jared Small has been described as being “captivated with the beauty of gentle decay.” His paintings are dreamy. They feel like they are something I had forgotten I knew. All his work is lovely, but definitely check out his flowers.

Sheree Frede @shesheshow

Most fashion bloggers are young woman. Sheree Frede is a woman “of a certain age.” She is a bit older than the average fashion blogger and I think that is wonderful! Her feed is light and bright and I believe women of all ages will find fashion inspiration from her.

Jenny Marrs @jennymarrs

Jenny Marrs and her husband Dave Marrs are the stars of HGTV’s show Fixer to Fabulous. I’ve been following Jenny with my personal instagram account long before they were on television. Her feed is more about family and faith, food and their farm than it is about design. It is sweet and will make you want to try to live a more simple life.

Amber Wilson @fortheloveofthesouth

Amber Wilson is currently in Nashville, but was raised in Louisiana. Being from Louisiana always seems like it gives a person a head start on being a great cook. If you enjoy good food, you really need to follow Amber’s Instagram and check out her food blog! The photos on her blog are just as gorgeous as the ones on her Instagram.

Watson Brown @planterboy

Watson Brown photographs buildings and architecture in rural North Carolina. The editing of his photos gives many of them the feeling of old oil paintings. His work evokes memories and nostalgia in all the best ways.

Beth Kirby @bethkirby

Beth Kirby is a Tennessee native whose Instagram is a combination of family, food, slow living, and travel. Her photos are gorgeous with lots of light and white. My favorite thing about her Instagram and blog is her honesty. She is an open and real person who has been through some stuff and fought her way out the other side and that shows in her work.

Michael W. Twitty @thecookinggene

Michael Twitty is a culinary historian and a writer. His cookbook, The Cooking Gene, is one of my favorites. I like it equally for the writing and the recipes. On his Instagram he features food and chefs and farmers and ingredients as well as his personal life.

Luisa @peachestopearls

Luisa is from Atlanta. Her instagram aesthetic is bright and airy, with a lovely and restful peachy pink color palette. There are beach photos, food photos, gardens, and chickens, lots of chickens. What more could you want?

Ariene @dressmyroom

Ariene design aesthetic mixes vintage with modern. Her Instagram showcases the amazing vintage finds that are in her shop, as well as designs she is working on. Her style is colorful and casual, yet very pulled together. You will definitely find things that need to be in your own home!

Stephanie Parsley @stephanieparsley

Stephanie is a photographer from Arkansas who does wedding and engagement photography as well as seniors, boudoir, and high fashion. We love her work! She manages to do edgy, sweet, and sexy equally well and sometimes all in one photo!

Phillip Fryman @southernfatty

Phillip is a food photographer and it shows. His photos are stunning! In addition his captions are sometimes punny, sometimes cute, and sometimes dad joke groan worthy. I love his work!

Andi Eaton @ouiwegirl

Andi Eaton is from New Orleans and describes herself as “your woo woo bff.” This instagram is about manifestation, and high vibes, and energy…but even if you aren’t into that stuff this is a gorgeous feed with gorgeous photos and thought-provoking captions!

Monica Awe-Etuk @awedbymoni

I love Monica’s style. She prefers clothing with some color and pattern, but she puts it all together so perfectly and it is never too much. She wears lots of gorgeous dresses that are perfect for the south. You will definitely find inspiration on her feed!

Beth Branch @bethcakesblog

Is there anything more lovely and delectable than photos of baked goods? I think not. The things that Beth makes always make me feel as if I need to have them, like, right now.

Hope you enjoy checking out these southern Instagram accounts you need to be following.

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