Gifts From the South and From the Heart

Fun, tasty, hand-crafted, outdoorsy…there are so many products made in the south that you can give as gifts! From food and beverage items, to the ultimate sportsman’s jacket, to linens, socks, and bandanas…we have rounded up a list of amazing products from the south that would make a perfect southern gift to add a little charm to the lives of your friends and family. Have fun selecting some of these gifts from the south!

Great Gifts From the South

Some of these gifts are from larger companies that you will recognize and others are from small businesses. A few of these are affiliate links and if you click and buy through our link we make a few cents at no extra charge to you. However, most of these items are not affiliate links. They are businesses that we believe have amazing products! We have not received any compensation either monetary or product for including any of these items.

At Somewhere Down South we are huge proponents of shopping small – this year more than ever! I encourage you to support small businesses year round.

Mississippi Cheese Straws

We first tried these Mississippi Cheese Straws when we were on a visit to attend the Viking Cooking School located in the small town of Greenwood, Mississippi. They are delicious! They would be great as a housewarming gift, a teacher gift, or to send in a southern gift basket to your friends who aren’t from the south. Of course, you can also just have them around to serve as a quick snack when people stop by for a visit!

Hibiscus Linens

The linens lovingly created by Hibiscus Linens in Houston, Texas are some of the most beautiful that we have ever seen! These are truly heirloom items. Every linen is made by hand stitch by stitch using delicate, traditional techniques. I also love their monogrammed items! You can even do custom orders. From cocktail napkins to hand towels to christening gowns these are gorgeous linens that would make a very special gift.

A photo of a hand towel that is embroidered. This hand towel is from Hibiscus Linens. It is white and embroidered with a vase with a topiary. Hibiscus linens are made in the south and would be a perfect southern gift.

Moon Pies

I mean…is there anything more southern than a Moon Pie? This delectable and perfect combination of chocolate and marshmallow and graham was originally intended as a filling snack for local coal miners, but quickly spread to the rest of the community, the state, and eventually, the world. This Chattanooga, Tennessee bakery has been making Moon Pies for about one hundred years now. These would be the perfect stocking stuffer! You could also add them to a southern gift basket or a care package. I prefer the original but they do come in a variety of flavors.

Tchoup Industries

Tchoup is an amazing company. We love not only their products but their ethic. New Orleans based Tchoup (pronounced CHOP) states that their mission is “to build bags that support our Southern Louisiana community, that have a reduced impact on our natural environment, and that instill a spirit of exploration.Isn’t that wonderful? Tchoup Industries sources the materials for their products locally as much as possible. They also use natural and repurposed materials in their bags and backpacks. Check out their bags, backpacks and accessories!

photo of a woman with a backpack. Tchoup Industries is a company that makes bags using locally sourced materials. They are based in New Orleans. Gifts from the south are the perfect gift to give this year.

Zkano Socks

Fort Payne, Alabama used to be known as the “sock capitol of the world.” Socks were manufactured here for over a century until production moved overseas causing thousands to lose their jobs. Zkano Socks began just over 10 years ago. The family was already in the sock business and in 2008 the daughter, Gina says, “I had an epiphany. I realized that I could combine my desires of continuing my family’s sock making tradition, while supporting a sustainable lifestyle, and this could be done by creating an organic cotton sock.” Yes, the Zkano socks are made from all organic cotton and there are so many lovely patterns to choose from! Check out their website and all the patterns for men, women, and children.

Photo of a woman in a chair with socks on. These are Zkano socks. All made in Alabama and all made from organic cotton. Zkano socks would be a wonderful southern gift to give to your loved ones.

Love, Welcome, Serve: Recipes That Gather and Give by Amy Nelson Hannon

Amy Hannon has the cutest kitchen shop in Springdale, Arkansas. It is named Euna Maes after her grandmother. I have been there several times and always want ALL the things! Her cookbook, Love, Welcome, Serve: Recipes That Gather and Give is so fun and very southern. She writes about hospitality and serving others through the sharing of food. The recipes are as good as the sentiments expressed! You have got to try the pot pie! Check out her shop at Euna Mae’s.

Smithey ironware iron skillet

All southern cooks have to have their own favorite, perfectly seasoned iron skillet. You know, the one that cooks the most perfect fried chicken or cornbread. I know people who have skillets that have been handed down for generations. Perhaps it is time to start your own skillet legacy with a new iron skillet! The Smithey iron skillets are both gorgeous and functional. These are heirloom pieces that would be perfect to give to a new bride and groom or even just for that special cook in your life.

photo of an iron skillet. Smithey iron skillets are an heirloom. Give a gift from the south in a Smithey iron skillet.

Jenni Earle Bandanas

We are in LOVE with these Jenni Earle bandanas. They are definitely not your average everyday bandanas. According to the website these are “talismans of bravery.” They are made of 100% cotton grown in the south and dyed by hand in North Carolina. They are then dressed with a hand drawn design. As if that is not special enough each of these bandanas has a meaningful little saying on it. From “chin up buttercup” to “be brave.” This would be the perfect southern gift for a friend or family member who needs a bit of encouragement! It would also be a perfect gift just for fun!

Photo of a woman leaning on a fence holding a blue bandana. We are in love with these bandanas and think that they would be a perfect gift from the south and made in the south.

Yellow Dog Table

Have you ever been at the beach and wished you had a place to keep your beverage and your phone up out of the sand? Have you ever been camping and wished for a small table near your camping chair? You need to get a Yellow Dog Table before your next beach vacation or camping trip! These are lightweight, portable tables that are easy to break down and set up and come in their own tote bag. This is a father daughter veteran owned company based in Northwest Florida. Their manufacturing is all locally sourced. This would be a great gift for the beach lover or a camper on your list!

picture of a table on the beach in the sand. Yellow Dog tables are a great gift idea. These are made in Florida.

Covered in Cotton

I’m not sure that there is a better gift to receive than a warm and cozy throw. Covered in Cotton takes the whole concept of a throw and makes it even better. This owners are part of a family that has been farming in South Carolina for three generations. Covered in Cotton was born of a vision to create a product from their locally grown cotton. These are simple but gorgeous throws. Even better this is “cotton with a cause.” The family had the hard experience of having a very sick child (who is now doing well by the way) and for every 10 throws purchased they donate one to a local children’s hospital. Talk about a wonderful way to bring comfort to the hurting!

Cotton throw on a chair in a field.

Microplane Zester or Grater

The people in your life who enjoy cooking will love any of the Microplane products! The company is based in Russellville, Arkansas and has become a world-wide phenomenon. Their products were originally meant for woodworking but when they discovered that cooks were using their products in the kitchen Microplane decided that they had something even better to offer. I wouldn’t want to do without my Microplane zester and I’m sure that any of your family or friends who spend much time in the kitchen will love it! The handle of the zester pictured is black but they come in a variety of colors!

Tom Beckbe

If you want to splurge on the hunter in your life get them something from Tom Beckbe. This Alabama based company creates timeless, rugged items for the outdoors man and woman. They are famous for their Tensaw Jacket but also carry shirts, vests, and fleece articles of clothing as well as gloves, hats, and bags. You will definitely find a perfect gift here. We discovered Tom Beckbe at their location in the small town of Wilson, Arkansas which we recently visited.

Georgia Olive Farm

Olive Oil? Made in the South? Yep. Believe it or not Georgia Olive Farms sells the first olive oil from olives harvested east of the Mississippi since the 1800’s! This is a group of several farmers who partnered together to resurrect olive oil production in this part of the south. They now produce true extra virgin olive oil which goes from the fields to the mill in less than 24 hours. It has been used by some of the great southern chefs such as Sean Brock from Husk.


You might have a collector of Fiestaware on your list – or perhaps you are collector and hope to put a new piece of Fiestaware on your own wish list! This colorful and fun dinner ware has been manufactured in West Virginia since 1936. Their tagline is “An American Icon” and I believe that they really are! Now that mid-century modern is popular…again…these dishes are completely back in vogue. They are known for their colors and the way that the owner can mix and match to fit their own personal style.

Gayla’s Grits

The producers of Gayla’s Grits are also part of the above mentioned Georgia Olive Farm Group. The family started out grinding the corn for their own consumption and then began giving the grits as gifts. This product eventually became so popular that they decided to market Gayla’s Grits. These grits are 100% all natural. The corn is grown from heirloom seeds (no GMO) on their family farm. No preservatives are used in these grits. You can order them in a variety of size packages. You can also find a grit/olive oil gift package on their website!

Louisville Slugger

Did you know that the Louisville Slugger baseball bats are still made in Louisville, Kentucky? This would thrill some baseball loving youngster…or a baseball loving adult! Check out their website to learn more about the various types of baseball bats. You can even customize your own!

Whitney Winkler Art

We are obsessed with Memphis based Whitney Winkler’s Art! My daughters both own her Grow Here State prints. We have Arkansas of course! We also often give one of her state or city prints as housewarming gifts. Winkler’s anatomy prints are also amazing. They would be a great gift for anyone, but I think that they might be especially good if you have a medical person in your life. The colors in are lovely in all of Whitney Winkler’s art work.

Hope you enjoy all of these wonderful southern gifts!

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Some of the best gift items that are made in the southern US. From socks to skillets, from bats to bandanas, these will make great gifts for your friends and loved ones.